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Intel® Education Study is on a mission to 'Change The Way Students Learn.' We believe engagement is a leading indicator of success and grades are a lagging indicator. So we have partnered with over 80 leading publishers to offer more than 200,000 interactive titles that make learning more engaging, efficient and social for students..


We welcome the opportunity to hear from educators and value your input. There are a number of ways we can work together from providing the Intel® Education Study App, supporting a pilot program, and making your eBooks and content available digitally. Click below to get started by requesting a free sample eBook today..

Schools and Institutions

We welcome the opportunity to partner with Universities and Schools pioneering digital learning. Intel® Education works with faculty, academic, and technology teams to help with the adoption of digital learning and 1:1 initiatives. Click below to get the conversation started. .


Our mutual interests serve the student best when we work together to create a great user experience connecting content, eBooks and applications with great devices to collaborate, communicate and share. Click below to partner together..


There are many exciting educational incentives throughout the world where digital applications and content are central to the student solution. We welcome the opportunity to partner with the world's leading Universities, Education Departments and partners to move forward the adoption of digital learning and 1:1 education initiatives. Connect with us below..

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