Download Study App for Windows

Intel® Education Study App (formerly Kno™ Textbooks) is a book and PDF e-Reader that can help you make the most of your study time. Highlighting, note taking, reporting, and journal features assist you in improving study habits, comprehension, and retention.

Key Features:

  • My Journal - your instant, personal study guide. Highlights and notes are automatically saved and organized in a journal that becomes your instant study guide, saving you countless hours of flipping through pages when preparing for exams.

  • Sync to the cloud – access your books from any network connected device, including your highlights and notes, right from where you left off.

  • Take learning on the go – your books and course materials are also portable and available offline to allow you to study anywhere.

  • Track your learning engagement through My Stats - review time spent reading, annotations made, and flashcards mastered. You can set goals and track your progress.

Intel® Education Study App is available through web browsers, Windows* and Android* based devices, and the iPad*.

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**US credit card required.